Americana Highways Premieres BLOOD from Shelley Segal's Upcoming EP

Americana Highways presents “Blood” from Shelley Segal’s upcoming EP release Holy.. The EP was produced by Askold Buk and will be available on March 8th

Segal grew up in a strictly orthodox synagogue and an observant home, and the entire EP Holy is her exploration of several features of that upbringing seen from the more evolved, distant perspective of adulthood.  The song takes pace over urgent dark rhythms, as it asks fundamental questions: “how can something that flows through our veins be used to divide?”  The music guides your heartbeat as it demonstrates the unifying humanity underneath perceived divisions.

“Blood” forces us to question what we are basing our perceived differences on. It asks us to question why we hold onto tribalism and what we should do in the face of the suffering it causes. — Shelley Segal