Shelley Segal new album pre-sale/Pledge Music launch!

True Music is excited to announce that Shelley Segal has a new album recorded and ready for release!

We will be launching a special digital album pre-sale through Pledge Music in the lead up to the official release on May 30th 2014.

Every pledger will receive a digital album download plus an exclusive acoustic video preview of one of the albums tracks! Pledgers also have the option to choose from many different tiers of exciting 'rewards' & packages!

We think that Pledge Music is a really exciting way to get the album out to people, as it enables Shelley to offer many different awesome and unique rewards & experiences to her fans, keeping things interesting!

Fancy a phone call from Shelley? How about a singing lesson, a house concert or a signed lyric sheet? How about her entire back catalogue?

Head over HERE to her Pledge Music page to check out all of the rewards on offer & the different ways you can get your hands on Shelley's new album! ;)