Melbourne singer songwriter and international touring artist, Shelley Segal has announced twin album and single releases, coupled with a five-date east coast Australian tour and an extensive two month US tour.  

Segal will release her albums, An Atheist Album and Little March on February 22, complimented by two singles (one lifted from each album); Saved (An Atheist Album) and Stuck In The Memory (Little March), both set for media servicing on Monday, January 28.  

Having been performing in the Australian and international scene for the last decade, Segal has an ever growing, dedicated following across the globe.  Her single, Saved is a solid pop tune that slips in and out of reggae and has already received airplay around the world, with the clip having gathered almost 70 thousand views online.

With many music successes under her belt, Segal also recently wrote and recorded a track, Chemistry, with DJ Carl Cox.  The track spent two weeks at #1 in the dance charts last year and also saw her take to the stage with Cox at the Stereosonic Festival in Melbourne last year.


Raised in a traditional Jewish family, and the daughter of the President of the East Melbourne Synagogue, Segal’s religious world-view was first challenged in a year 11 Biology class while learning about evolution. Spurred on by authors such as Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins, Segal became involved in the secular movement, through which An Atheist Album was born.  Segal relishes her ability to use songwriting and music to explore issues of importance to her, as seen in the opening track, Eve which explores the many oppressive religious doctrines that exist for women in certain cultures.  Folk track, Gratitude describes how one can feel gratitude for one's life, even without a deity to be grateful to.  The album cleverly questions a great number of dubious existing moral codes and dilemmas, all the while positively highlighting Segal’s intense love of life and fellow humans and her desire to encourage equality for all.


Conversely, Little March takes on a jazz direction and speaks more of internal musings, showing Segal’s versatility as a singer and songwriter.  “I’m fortunate that I can write about all sorts of subjects and don’t feel limited by genres,” says Segal.  Written in New York and recorded in Los Angeles with jazz guitarist Adam Levy (Norah Jones, Tracy Chapman, Amos Lee), Little March is a collaboration between the two which was produced by the Grammy-winning Husky (Fiona Apple, Tom Waits, Sheryl Crow, Norah Jones).  Lead single Stuck In The Memory highlights Shelley’s impressive writing and vocal ability as she slips in to this sophisticated, slinky jazz number that will have you singing along after just one listen.


Shelley's album launch in home town Melbourne brings the crowd to its feet

Shelley's album launch in home town Melbourne brings the crowd to its feet