Shelley Segal returns to Aus!

The ever awesome Shelley Segal has touched back down in Australia after a whirlwind trip to the U.S for two very special dates in Missouri & Los Angeles. 

Playing at the annual Skepticon conference - the largest Skeptics conference in Midwest America, in Springfield, MO . If you missed the delight of attending this fantastic conference, you can check out Shelley's entire performance below. Big shout outs & thankyous to Skepticon & Hambone Productions for the footage! 


After performing at Skepticon, Shelley made her way to Los Angeles for a special show  alongside Adam Levy, opening for Matt Cusson. Performing tracks from their collaborative 'Little March' album to a packed room, everyone had a great night!

We're so glad to have Shelley back home in Australia because we missed her and are really excited about her plans for the new year! ;) 

Stay tuned folks!

Check out Shelley & Adam hanging in the green room before the show ;) what a fine pair of musos!

Many thankyous to Chris Isaacson Presents for the amazing show!